The good protein creams to spread

The eatPro iperCream was designed for a snack to be consumed between meals or to enrich your breakfasts.

The smooth and creamy texture makes them suitable to be enjoyed directly with a teaspoon, spread on fruit or bread, added to smoothies: for a sprint of energy, proteins and healthy fats

nocciole e arachidi nelle spalmabili iper proteiche eatPro
hazelnuts or peanuts
  • IperCream eatPro contain healthy fats from whole hazelnuts or peanuts, toasted and ground.
  • Contrary to common thought, despite peanuts being legumes, their nutritional profile has nothing to envy to that of dried fruit. Peanuts and hazelnuts naturally contain nutrients such as: protein for muscle development, arginine to increase performance, vitamin E for the immune system, potassium that helps to synthesize glycogen stores, magnesium for bones and fiber for a sense of satiety to long term.
  • The fat content, deriving from these sources, mainly supplies mono and polyunsaturated fats: oleic acid and linoleic acid (Omega-3 essential fatty acid) are particularly present.
  • The unsaturated fat component is balanced by the use of rice oil, rich in gamma oryzanol, recognized for his anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.
  • Furthermore, iperCream eatPro does not contain palm oil.
Protein premium source
  • The eatPro iperCream contains 30% of high quality protein in a balanced mix of whey protein, pea protein and collagen, with structural function and support for tendons and ligaments. These characteristics make it an ideal solution to contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass or simply to supplement a snack in a balanced manner by adding a protein share to normal preparations.
Rich in fiber
  • The iperCream eatPro are rich in fiber also deriving from an appropriate choice of ingredients. This is because, a correct but controlled supply of fiber, guarantees and safeguards the correct intestinal functioning without compromising the digestive process. The fiber contributes to a more prolonged sense of satiety.
Low sugar contents
  • Le iperCream eatPro sono a basso contenuto di zuccheri e sono dolcificate prevalentemente con eritritolo. L’eritritolo ha un ridotto apporto energetico, stimato intorno alle 0,2 Kcal per grammo di prodotto, che consente di abbattere il contenuto calorico legato al consumo di zucchero o a prodotti dolcificati, ad esempio, con il solo maltitolo. Ha indice glicemico pari a zero e ridotta attività cariogena. Inoltre, rispetto all’utilizzo di altri edulcoranti, mostra un ridotto rischio di fastidi addominali, vista la capacità dell'eritritolo di essere assorbito prontamente dalla mucosa intestinale, evitando così l'accumulo ed il conseguente richiamo di acqua nel lume intestinale.

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