eatPro iperCrock: the satisfying sensation of crunchy protein

eatPro iperCrock protein thins make a great alternative to sweet snacks.

They are ideal for eating between meals in a delicious pairing with cream cheese and deli meats or in the place of baked goods with main meals, soup and salad. Nothing but extra virgin olive oil is used to make eatPro iperCrock Large products, which come in two flavours:

The eatPro iperCrock selection is expanding, with the addition of a Small range in new flavours

Protein Premium Quality
  • eatPro iperCrock products contain more than 30% protein deriving from plant-based, whey and egg white sources. They do not contain soya. The high protein content helps to keep the nutritional value balanced and to reduce the glycaemic index.
Rich in fiber
  • The products are high in fibre, which makes them very filling and contributes to maintaining a healthy bowel and reducing the glycaemic index.
Only EVO oil
  • All of the fat in eatPro iperCrock products comes from extra virgin olive oil produced in Abruzzo, one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet. It limits the amount of saturated fat on the label and is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenol antioxidants and vitamin E. The fat content ensures that the recipe is exceptionally balanced.

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