eatPro iperGrainy: protein to complement your snacks

eatPro iperGrainy products offer a quick, simple way to complement snacks or enhance break time thanks to their handy “easy to go” packs.

They can be added to yoghurt, shakes, bread and fruit in order to increase the protein content and add a delicious, guilt-free touch to balance meals.

eatPro iperGrainy products come in two flavours: CHOCOLATE and WHITE WITH WILD BERRIES.

High Protein content
  • The high protein content in eatPro iperGrainy products comes from a balanced mix of whey protein and pea protein. They also contain collagen, which provides structural support and bolsters tendons and ligaments. This means that eatPro iperGrainy products are ideal for helping to retain and build lean muscle mass.
Crunchy taste
  • The protein-filled biscuit crumbs covered in chocolate make a perfect crunchy snack.
No added sugar
  • eatPro iperGrainy products do not contain added sugar. The main sweetener used is erythritol, which has a glycaemic index of 0 and can reduce the risk of tooth decay. In addition, it is less likely to cause abdominal discomfort because it is easily absorbed by the digestive mucous membranes, so it does not accumulate and draw water into the bowel.

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