etaPro iperPasta: Great pasta to nourish your lifestyle.

eatPro iperPasta is ideal for people who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake while still enjoying traditional Italian cuisine.
There are two types of eatPro iperPasta: FUSILLI and PENNE Rigate. They can be used to make complete meals with a greater filling capacity, satisfying both the eyes and the palate.

Cook eatPro iperPasta for 10 minutes then stir in your favourite sauce or add the pasta to soup.

High protein content
  • eatPro iperPasta has a high protein content thanks to a balanced mix of high-quality egg white, whey and plant protein. The high protein content helps to keep the nutritional value balanced and to reduce the glycaemic index.
Lower carbohydrate content
  • The carbohydrate content of eatPro iperPasta is 40% lower than regular pasta. As with regular pasta, durum wheat semolina is the source of carbohydrates. It is naturally rich in protein and ensures that the consistency of the cooked pasta is just right.
Rich in fiber
  • eatPro iperPasta is high in fibre, which makes it very filling and helps to reduce the glycaemic index. Acacia fibre and inulin are considered useful prebiotics that can help to promote healthy gut flora.

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