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BCAA have important biological functions and make up over 20% of muscle proteins. The branched chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine (also known as branched chain amino acids or BCAA) are a group of three of the eight essential amino acids, the body is unable to synthesize them. In our snacks there are about 3 g of BCAA per serving, balanced in a 2: 1: 1 ratio (Leucine: 2 – Isoleucine: 1 – Valine: 1).

During specific feeding cycles, when muscle glycogen and blood glucose concentrations are low, BCAA can act as a fuel to preserve muscle mass. In addition, by naturally stabilizing blood sugar, BCAA are also useful for preventing hunger and bad mood.

In any type of sports, both in strength and endurance activities, BCAA increase anabolism and reduce muscle catabolism by supporting and modulating the normal body’s adaptations.

During prolonged exercises, the intake of BCAA reduce the perception of fatigue and mental reaction time and, in the final stages of the exercise, improves the recruitment of fatty acids for energy purposes.

The BCAA act as precursors for the production of well-being neurotransmitters, helping the production of the GABA neurotransmitter (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which can prevent anxiety, insomnia and even depression.

  • The important biological functions of proteins in our body make them more important for those who practice sport. The sportsmen need an increase in protein intake to improve physical performance and increase muscle mass. EATPRO snacks supplies 14 g of PROTEIN for portion, mainly from vegetables sources, integrated with whey and egg white proteins. The mix was composed to obtain a complete amino acid profile in the EATPRO IPERSNACK.
  • Fats sources: clarified BUTTER by concentration (from cream of milk and without whey) and RICE OIL. They have been chosen because are useful for optimizing sports activity and maintaining a good state of health.
  • The BUTTER increases the product’s taste and contains MCT: medium-chain fatty acids. MCTs directly enter in the mitochondria where they are oxidized, contributing to the improvement of metabolic flexibility, they excellent both in below and overfeeding stages. They are also easy to digest and are not stored in fat cells. MCT also represent an alternative or complementary metabolic pathway to the intake of sugars and starches and are usefull to preserv glycogen and amino acids levels of muscle.
  • RICE BRAN OIL is used to balance the unsaturated component of fatty acids, thanks to its beneficial properties and the hight content in gamma oryzanol. The gamma oryzanol can: have antioxidant action - increase testosterone levels - promote the release of growth hormone - increase the production of endorphins
Carboidrati bilanciati
  • The EATPRO IPERSNACK contain a balanced quantity of CARBOHYDRATES balanced for a functional use: maltodextrins and carbohydrates from oat flour. MALTODEXSTRINS guarantee a ready-to-use energy source during the pre-workout phase and a more rapid recovery of the muscle glycogen reserves optimized in the anabolic window in the post-workout, thus shortening the recovery times. The OAT FLOUR it’s a slow absorption carbohydrates source which not cause strong insulin peaks and provide useful energy for long term or in the recovery phases.
Ricco di fibre
  • In EATPRO IPERSNACK the FIBER content provided by the presence of oat flour is supplemented by wheat fiber that guarantees the proper functioning of the intestine and the digestion process. The contribution of fiber per portion does not compromise in any way a timely assimilation in anticipation of physical exercise

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