eatPro iperTab: satisfy your taste buds and stay in shape

eatPro iperTabs were designed to satisfy chocolate cravings between meals while helping you to stay in shape. Besides maintaining all the invaluable properties of cocoa beans, eatPro iperTabs are enriched with protein from high-quality sources and have no added sugar. Two eatPro iperTab flavours are currently available: NATURAL and CRUNCHY.

Try the benefits of nature on exercise, endurance and metabolism with iperTab THERMO thanks to the inclusion of natural extracts of green tea (ECGC) and sweet pepper extract CH-19 (Dihydrocapsiate) in safe and functional doses is useful for regulating energy for:

  • improve athletic endurance
  • improve weight management

 iperTab THERMO thanks to Dihydrocapsiate, 1000 times less pungent than common pepper extracts, retains its benefits without side effects and no impact on blood pressure and heart rate.

The handy packs are ideal for keeping in your bag at all times, so you always have one ready when you feel the urge for a sweet treat!

eatPro iperTab ingredients
High Protein content
  • The high protein content means that eatPro iperTabs are very filling. The protein comes from a balanced mix of whey protein, pea protein and collagen, which provides structural support and bolsters tendons and ligaments. This means that they can play a key role in retaining and building lean muscle mass. In addition, they can form part of a balanced snack by contributing protein to go with everything else.
No added sugars
  • eatPro iperTabs contain sweeteners instead of added sugars. The main sweetener is erythritol, which has a low estimated energy content of approximately 0.2 kcal per gram of the product. Consequently, the calorie content is lower than products made with sugar or those only containing a sweetener such as maltitol. Erythritol has a glycaemic index of 0 and it can reduce the risk of tooth decay. In addition, it is less likely to cause abdominal discomfort than other sweeteners because it is quickly absorbed by the digestive mucous membranes, so it does not accumulate and draw water into the bowel. The natural sugar content is 2%.
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