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During specific feeding cycles, when muscle glycogen and blood glucose concentrations are low, BCAA can act as a fuel to preserve muscle mass. In addition, by naturally stabilizing blood sugar, BCAA are also useful for preventing hunger and bad mood.

Get your Power


In any type of sports, both in strength and endurance activities, BCAA increase anabolism and reduce muscle catabolism by supporting and modulating the normal body’s adaptations.

Get your Power


During prolonged exercises, the intake of BCAA reduce the perception of fatigue and mental reaction time and, in the final stages of the exercise, improves the recruitment of fatty acids for energy purposes.

Sweet snack with high protein content good to eat.

WHY BCAA? BCAA have important biological functions and make up over 20% of muscle proteins. The branched chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine (also known as branched chain amino acids or BCAA) are a group of three of the eight essential amino acids, the body is unable to synthesize them.

In our snacks there are about 3 g of BCAA per serving, balanced in a 2: 1: 1 ratio (Leucine: 2 – Isoleucine: 1 – Valine: 1).


The good protein creams to spread.

The eatPro iperCream was designed for a snack to be consumed between meals or to enrich your breakfasts.
The smooth and creamy texture makes them suitable to be enjoyed directly with a teaspoon, spread on fruit or bread, added to smoothies: for a sprint of energy, proteins and healthy fats.

Satisfy your taste buds and stay in shape

eatPro iperTab were designed to satisfy chocolate cravings between meals while helping you to stay in shape. Besides maintaining all the invaluable properties of cocoa beans, eatPro iperTab are enriched with protein from high-quality sources and have no added sugar. Two eatPro iperTab flavours are currently available: NATURAL and CRUNCHY. The handy packs are ideal for keeping in your bag at all times, so you always have one ready when you feel the urge for a sweet treat!

Lo snack proteico incredibilmente soft

An incredibly soft protein snack.

This is a viable alternative to other protein snacks on the market, with a different flavour and texture. It is ideal for when you want a tasty treat while staying in shape.

eatPro iperSoft products are ideal as a snack or at breakfast time. Thanks to their balanced blend of ingredients, they are filling and have a low glycaemic index. Plus, their consistency is unprecedented in the world of protein foods.

Three eatPro iperSoft flavours are available: CHEESE, CHOCOLATE AND WALNUT, and LINGONBERRY AND WHITE CHOCOLATE.

The satisfying sensation of crunchy protein.

eatPro iperCrock protein thins make a great alternative to sweet snacks.

They are ideal for eating between meals in a delicious pairing with cream cheese and deli meats or in the place of baked goods with main meals, soup and salad.
Nothing but extra virgin olive oil is used to make eatPro iperCrock Large products, which come in two flavours: ROSEMARY and TOMATO AND BLACK OLIVES.

The eatPro iperCrock selection is expanding, with the addition of a Small range in new flavours.


Croccantezza proteica per nuove sensazioni

Protein to complement your snacks.

eatPro iperGrainy products offer a quick, simple way to complement snacks or enhance break time thanks to their handy “easy to go” packs.

They can be added to yoghurt, shakes, bread and fruit in order to increase the protein content and add a delicious, guilt-free touch to balance meals.

eatPro iperGrainy products come in two flavours: CHOCOLATE and WHITE WITH WILD BERRIES.

Great pasta to nourish your lifestyle.

eatPro iperPasta is ideal for people who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake while still enjoying traditional Italian cuisine.

There are two types of eatPro iperPasta: FUSILLI and PENNE Rigate. They can be used to make complete meals with a greater filling capacity, satisfying both the eyes and the palate.

Cook eatPro iperPasta for 10 minutes then stir in your favourite sauce or add the pasta to soup.

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